ADLV new Board Members

ADLV new Board Members

A number of new appointments have been made to the board for the Association for Driving License Verification, or ADLV. The changes to the board have been made in keeping with the Association’s founding charter. Terry Hiles, from the License Check division has been elected to the position of Deputy Chair. As part of his new role, Terry will be required to support the existing Chair, Malcolm Maycock of Licence Bureau.

The other new members of the board included Chris Thornton of DriveTech who has been selected for the role of Treasurer. Mark Sugden from GBG has been appointed to the position of Secretary and Head of Marketing. Kevin Curtis of Driving Monitor will remain as the Technical Director for the board of the ADLV.

The new team will be working to build on the successes of their predecessors and the ADLV’s first three years. A number of things to be covered by the board include future opportunities, and upcoming issues like the GDPR. The association will continue to raise the fleet data access issues with the DVLA as well as continuing to improve awareness of their acclaimed quality standards with a range of sector procurement managers.

These new roles offer a range of challenges and opportunities for the new members and over the course of the next few years, as the ADLV continues to experience growth. The association is involved with the changes occurring to legislation and sentencing guidelines, for which they require an improved driver risk assessment. There is also the work carried out to include license checking as an integral part of the new driver related software applications and other recommended standards as well as exploring a range of different ways to expand their membership. No doubt the new board members will continue the hard work and momentum that has been built by the original board.

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