2017 IAAF Conference Focus

2017 IAAF Conference Focus

The IAAF Conference is set to take place this year at The Players’ suite at the Double Tree by Hilton, Milton Keynes on Thursday the 7th December 2017. The event, which will be sponsored by Autoparts UK, will be exploring what are seen as the real issues facing the automotive aftermarket following Brexit.

The conference will be looking into the complexities of the Brexit negotiations and will also exploring how Brexit will impact the UK automotive aftermarket. The event will welcome speakers from across the industry and will also discuss a range of other key industry topics including the future of the sector, how motor sport is having an effect on the aftermarket and the challenges that are faced when running a garage in 2017. There will also be an examination of the technological threats that are facing the sector as well as the latest activity taking place within the EU.

There are a number of questions raised about Brexit and its effect on the automotive aftermarket. It is wondered whether Britain leaving the EU will be an important influence in the marketplace over the course of the next few years, or whether the developments being made into the connected car and extended vehicle will deliver more significant levels of change to the industry. The government decision that will see all diesel and petrol cars banned from 2040 also has the potential to significantly change the automotive industry, but could also present a new level of risk to the sector.

The delegates at the conference will also have an exclusive level of access to the aftermarket contribution to the UK economy, the structure for distribution and the consolidation of the industry’s prospects as well as information that depicts how car ownership trends are beginning to change.

The speakers expected at the event include Quentin Le Hetet from GIPA, Dr. Julia Saini of Frost & Sullivan, Caroline’s Cars’ Caroline Lake, Alistair Preston from whocanfixmycar, Steve Nash, IMI, Olaf Henning from MAHLE and Neil Pattemore of FIGIEFA. The speakers reflect a range of experience and insight available in the automotive aftermarket industry will offer those attending the conference a series of future strategic planning. The IAAF recognised the pressures that are faced by their members and looks to offer some clarity or insight into the challenges that are faced by the companies in this industry.

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