Mark Flynn, Anne Rendall, Marc Winsland April 2019

Xplore Dundee Helps People Exercise

Xplore Dundee is lending its support to a brand new bus map which helps people find their way to the city’s parks to get some exercise outdoors.

Working with the newly-launched Green Health Partnership, the bus operator’s helped put together a plan of Dundee which incorporates bus routes and green spaces. The new map makes it easier for people to find their way to somewhere they can go for a walk, cycle or simply enjoy nature.

“We always want to encourage people to choose a more active way to travel, especially when they’re planning to get some fresh air and exercise in one of Dundee’s many beautiful green spaces. Jumping on the bus to the park is quick and easy and you can access places you might never have visited before! Our buses can take you to Baxter Park, Magdalen Green or the Dighty Burn – perfect for a bit of peace, nature and fresh air,” said Managing Director of Xplore Dundee Christine McGlasson.

There’s also a competition to win a range of prizes, including a Weekly bus ticket for the best photos shared on social media tagged with #XploreOutdoors. Details of the prize draws and the new bus map can be found online at and in our Travel Shop in Commercial Street – they can also be found at the Overgate customer service desk ahead of the upcoming Green Health Week (22-28 April).

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