TyreSafe Releases new Motorhome Tyre Maintenance Information

TyreSafe Releases new Motorhome Tyre Maintenance Information

TyreSafe, the UK tyre maintenance charity, has released their new tyre guidance. This new advice has been released for motorhome users in order to explain the different types of motorhome tyres and the required maintenance checks that will help to keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition.


As part of this new information release, TyreSafe has also launched a new, innovative pressure calculator available to use on tyresafe.org. This pressure calculator requires four pieces of information about the motorhome and tyres: including the number of rear axles, the maximum or fully laden load of the front and rear of the vehicle, the tyre size and type. These pieces of information are then used by the calculator to generate suggested tyre pressures for the motorhome.


The guidance that has been released by TyreSafe has been integrated into a PDF that can be downloaded. This document is also available from TyreSafe’s Website and also includes a tyre pressure chart for users to reference. In order to minimise the risk of incidents it is vital that motorhomes are maintained. With these type of vehicles usually driven at or near to their maximum weight, it is essential that things like the tyre pressure are accurate in order to avoid incidents on the road. It is important for the motorhome users to understand the difference between the different tyres that are now available for these vehicles and making sure that the right tyres are selected and used at the correct pressure.


The new guidance that has been compiled by TyreSafe will be useful for new owners of motorhomes as well as those who are veteran motorhome owners to keep as a point of reference. Online there are also a number of videos depicting the checks that need to be carried out before the vehicle hits the road.


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