Transit Buses On The Road To Sustainability With Thermo King Athenia E-Series Air-Conditioning Modules

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Transit Buses On The Road To Sustainability With Thermo King Athenia E-Series Air-Conditioning Modules

Traffic congestion, due to growing urbanization, strains cities and raises environmental concerns. The need for sustainable transport and passenger mobility is accelerating the adoption of more efficient technologies. According to market estimations, 15 percent of transit buses will feature either hybrid or fully electric drive by 2020.

The Athenia™ E-Series air-conditioning modules from Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, is specifically designed for hybrid and electric buses to align with the latest sustainability trends and comply with regulatory directives.

“Today, transit authorities want environmentally conscious solutions that are fuel-efficient but also reduce noise and exhaust emissions,” said Gulsah Metinoz, portfolio manager for the Thermo King bus division.

“Hybrid and electric buses are a strong solution to address these issues. Thermo King responded to the demand by designing Athenia E, which is a reliable solution that contributes to the comfort of the bus passengers and people in urban areas where these buses operate.”

The Thermo King Athenia E modules are one-piece rooftop units that are fully hermetic and electric-driven. The modules offer high airflow and better circulation inside the bus for increased comfort. The design is relatively shorter compared to other rooftop heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) modules, which allows additional space on the roof of the bus for electric drive components.

The Athenia E modules increase sustainability because they are equipped with micro channel condensers that allow for lower refrigerant charge and minimize the risk of leakage. Equipped with a horizontal scroll compressor, the unit creates fewer vibrations and runs in a variable speed mode adjusting the airflow to the actual needs. This technology contributes to increased efficiency and lower life cycle costs.

AdvanTech™ Fresh Air Control Option

The AdvanTech™ Fresh Air Control is an additional option that enables fleet managers to enhance passenger comfort while improving air quality. By utilizing a carbon dioxide sensor, fresh air inside the bus is at optimum levels during both peak and non-peak periods, no matter the size of the passenger load.

When fresh air intake is regulated to actual requirements, cooled air inside the bus is maintained for longer periods and the air-conditioning unit is used only when actually needed. This additional feature further improves fuel efficiency without compromising passenger comfort.

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