Telematics Way Forward To Counter Insurance Scams, Says Quartix


Telematics Way Forward To Counter Insurance Scams, Says Quartix

In light of recently revealed insurance scams, including a staged “crash for cash” coach incident on the M57 involving 30 passengers, telematics are being highlighted as the way forward in countering bogus insurance claims.

The Quartix vehicle tracking unit, with its leading crash detection and recording technology, is able to provide extremely detailed accounts of incidents and therefore help to establish whether a claim corresponds to the scale of the impact in question.

The Quartix system incorporates a tri-axis accelerometer which monitors for any impact greater than 1.3g – in the event of an accident it would trigger the sensor and immediately alert the allocated contact by text message and/or email. With seven data points per second, the unit will record detailed vehicle location, heading, speed and g-forces in all three axes, thus enabling to later reconstruct the accident in a video for example (real-life example here).

If a driver suffers a collision with a road user making false insurance claims, the Quartix tracking system can alert the fleet manager instantly and supply them with the necessary data to counter any fraudulent allegations.

Andy Kirk, director at Quartix, states: “Telematics systems such as ours offer a way to get to the facts extremely efficiently and reliably.”

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