Penguin Parade

Statue Supports Maggie’s Penguin Parade

The ‘Ticket to Ride’ penguin statue was bought for £7500 from the Maggie’s Penguin Parade charity auction, making a significant contribution to the overall total of £540,000 raised by the event.

Sponsored by the ABC bus ticket partnership with Xplore Dundee, Stagecoach, Moffat & Williamson and Dundee City Council, the ‘Ticket to Ride’ penguin was designed and painted by by Xplore’s Customer Service Adviser and local artist Pam Kelly.

Pam Kelly designed the statue in a unique way, highlighting the wide area covered by the multi-operator ABC bus ticket, which is available for adults and children and valid on routed operated by all three companies: Xplore Dundee, Stagecoach and Moffat & Williamson.

“It’s fantastic to see my design raise so much money for Maggie’s, such a worthy cause, and one that’s close to my heart personally. I really enjoyed creating this penguin and it was great to work with my colleagues in the bus industry on this project. I hope the owner of ‘Ticket to Ride’ will find a good place to display their new penguin,” commented Pam.

In addition to the ‘Ticket to Ride’ penguin statue, the ABC project also supported the charity event by producing a map of the Penguin Parade, showing which statues were accessible by bus, helping local people find their way to as many penguins as possible.

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