First Bus and Future Platforms Work Together for a Mobile Service

First Bus and Future Platforms Work Together for a Mobile Service

First Bus has chosen Future Platforms as its partner to improve the overall passenger experience by developing a mobile service for its customers. The award-winning agency has a vast experience in supplying enterprise apps and web solutions, and together with First Bus will create a strategy that will help the company gain crucial insight about its customers, while delivering better mobile services.
“Our work with First Bus is cemented in a mutual commitment to creating a better travel experience for passengers. With improved support and easier ticket purchasing options, passengers will benefit from a highly effective mobile solution which has been built with their first-to-last-mile needs right at the heart of the solution. We are proud to be working with First Bus and leading them through a digital transformation,” said Future Platforms’ Managing Director, Adam Croxen.

Although the Department of Transport announced a 1.7% decline in local bus passenger journeys in the UK in the year ending June 2017, there is a confidence that an improvement in the services offered can make the bus sector thrive again. Real time planning, current network checks, route finders, and competitive pricing could help both the industry and the customer satisfaction.

With the number of mobile phone users expected to surpass five billions by 2019, it is crucial that the bus sector focus on this technology for its own growth. Having this in mind, Future Platforms and First Bus will develop a valuable and effective mobile experience that will guide the passenger through a seamless journey, from the first to the last mile.

“The use of our mTickets app is exceeding expectations and continues to grow daily and so we are looking to evolve this app, with Future Platforms, as part of our ongoing commitment to make bus travel a convenient, simple and attractive experience for our customers,” commented James Timperley, Director of Retail Development at First Bus.

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