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Bouden Coach Travel Purchase Two Brand New Mercedes Tourismos

Bouden Coach Travel have been expanding rapidly over the last few months. A focus on International Tours and Corporate events has resulted in an increased demand for top spec vehicles and so business director, Adel Bouden has purchased another two new 68 plate luxury Tourismos from the lovely people of Evobus Coventry.

“A concern of ours has always been staying as environmentally friendly as possible and so at the start of 2018 I set a   goal that by the end of the year we would replace all of our coaches with EURO 6 models. The arrival of our two new Tourismos means we’re all set to achieve that target,” explained Sophie Baugh, Sales and Operations Manager.

As well as concerns for the environment, Bouden Coach Travel have been actively seeking ways to make their driver’s lives as easy as possible. It’s no secret to the industry that employing and retaining high quality drivers can be difficult and so Bouden Coach Travel have been focussing on ways to ensure that their drivers are happy within the company. “Long days, weekend work and busy summers can cause a lot of stress for drivers; team this with bad management and a lack of decent equipment and you have a recipe for disaster,” Sophie said. “During my time with the company, I have always put 100% effort into ensuring the staff are as happy as the clients and so when purchasing new vehicles for the fleet it was important to me to find vehicles which would benefit the drivers as well as the passengers”.

The Limited-Edition variant of the Mercedes Toursimo not only boats a number of further aesthetic benefits such as Special Edition Exterior Finish and Piano black design deco but Mercedes have also truly considered comfort and convenience for the driver when designing this vehicle. Forward facing panoramic camera, active brake assist 4, Bi Xenon headlights with power wash, adaptive cruise control, built in reverse camera and SAT NAV provide the driver with a whole host of features to help make his job as easy as possible. Add to this additional reversing lights, tyre pressure monitoring and a blind spot heated mirror and we are bound to have some very happy drivers on the team.

Of course, the vehicles are equipped with all the usual features the clients expect from Bouden Coach Travel such as fridge, USB ports, TV and DVD and toilets but it’s safe to say the quality and elegance of the interior finish mean that the two vehicles truly stand out from the crowd.

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