Bouden Coach Travel Offer International Tours

One year on from obtaining their international license and Bouden Coach Travel are thriving in this area of the industry. Initially aiming to complete just one tour a month to gain experience, the company are now averaging at one a week with no signs of slowing down.

“The international touring side of the industry was an untouched realm for us at the beginning of last year,” said Sophie Baugh, Operations Manager at Bouden Coach Travel. “Now we are proud to say we are working with more and more tour operators from both the UK and abroad, whisking their clients away to a multitude of different international destinations, including Belgium, France, Amsterdam, Spain, Prague, Italy, and Croatia to name just a few,” Sophie added.

It is no secret that the company are off to a flying start, the tremendous growth in this area of the business has resulted in the purchase of two brand new VDL Futuras. These impressive coaches cater perfectly to this area of the industry and now with their wealth of knowledge consistently growing in international touring It’s no wonder Bouden Coach Travel are fast becoming the nation’s favourite.

Bouden Coach Travel continue their venture within the tour industry by setting their sights on creating their own tours for 2019.

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