Many happy Returns From Chile!

Many Happy Returns From Chile!

The Global SuperTanker, which was deployed into Chile recently in order to quench the terrifying fires that were plunging areas of the country into scorching chaos, is now being dispatched back to its home base in the United States of America. Having been in place in the South American country since January the 25th of this year, it is quite evident that the Global SuperTanker Services President Mister Jim Wheeler has much to be proud of, since the machine played a huge part in aiding villagers and fire safety servicemen to prevent the terrible fires from spreading to other areas of the region. Indeed, it was found that an entire village at least was saved from utter destruction due to the machine’s ability to release 508,000 liters of water every day onto the hazardous fires.

This itself was a world record which the Global SuperTanker was able to exceed by a considerable margin, indicating the power and use of the vehicle in such important emergency services. In a statement made on February the 13th as the vehicle was deployed back to the USA, Mister Wheeler wanted to thank the entire population of Chile for their help and perseverance during the busy time of the fire period. He was particularly grateful towards the Luksic Family as well as the charitable Fundacion Viento Sur who helped to provide the necessary capital to pay for the deployment of the vehicle into Chile.

It is evident that the vehicle’s return to Colorado Springs where it was initially parked does not mean that it will be used for the last time by those willing to pay for its services. Indeed, with a flying capacity of 600 miles an hour, this particular method of fire emergency support is able to be dispatched to pretty much any other location in the world in under 20 hours, and it will certainly not be used for the last time even though its mission in Chile is successfully complete.

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