Increasing Capacity of Airports Will Allow the UK to Stay as a Global Training Hub

Increasing Capacity of Airports Will Allow the UK to Stay as a Global Training Hub

It is thought that increasing the capacity of the airports around the South East of England will allow the UK to stay as a global training hub. The Freight Transport Association has supported the creation of a third runway at Heathrow as opposed to Gatwick. The Freight Transport Association is seen as the leading logistics industry membership association. The members of the FTA are thought to make up around 70% of the imports and exports in the UK. The association has used a response to a Government Draft I order to emphasize the need to resolve the discussions that are taking place about the construction of a third runway at Heathrow. The opinion of the FTA is that the airport needs to expand before it starts to lose its global prominence fir trading.

Alex Veitch, the head of global policy at the FTA have suggested that it would be more economically beneficial for the entire UK to build the extra runway at Heathrow than at Gatwick as Heathrow is thought to be the main transport hub for the nation. Now that the Government has made the decision to go ahead with this plan, it would be more beneficial that any leftover discussions be resolved quickly in order to reduce any negative impact caused to the airport by the lack of progress.

If Heathrow did not have a third runway built, it would continue to fall behind other European neighbours such as Paris’ Charles de Gaulle and Schipol. It is thought that by not expanding the capacity of the airport could lead to the UK losing out on business with Europe, which is a concerning thought as we move closer to Brexit.

Over recent years the air cargo industry has been progressing rapidly and it is important for the economic stability of the UK that we continue to compete in the market especially now that the decision has been made to strike out on our own and leave the European Union.

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