Heathrow Hub Publishes Safety Assessment

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Heathrow Hub Publishes Safety Assessment

Heathrow Hub, the independent, innovative proposal to expand Heathrow has today published an initial safety assessment which judges the concept to be within existing risk parameters.

The assessment was conducted by an independent aviation consultancy, Helios, and focused on the unique runway aspects of the Heathrow Hub airside design which proposes extending the existing Heathrow runways to some 6,500 metres and then dividing them into two to create four. This would double available capacity without extending the existing noise footprint of the airport.

Hazards arising during normal operations and emergency situations, including go-arounds and overruns, were examined using a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques. The initial assessment concluded that the proposed Heathrow Hub concept has the potential to be safe, but that further analysis and evidence would be required to prove this in detail.

Jock Lowe, who came up with Heathrow Hub’s extended runway concept, said: “Safety is one of the most important considerations for any airport so this initial report by Helios, judging our concept as having the potential to be safe, is welcome. The work on go-arounds is especially useful. Potential safety benefits were also identified, in particular arising from the use of a long runway in emergency, and better allocation of aircraft across runways and taxiways.”

Heathrow Hub has included the safety assessment in its submissions to the Airports Commission, which is due to publish its shortlist of recommendations on December 17th.

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