Global Super Tanker-star vehicle of the firefighting world

Global Super Tanker-Star Vehicle of the Firefighting World

The Global Super Tanker was released to quench the thirst of ferocious wildfires occurring in Chile in South America, and in doing so succeeded an achieving an all-time world record in the amount of water that it succeeded in dropping in order to prevent as much damage to the affected regions as possible. An aerial device, it succeeded in releasing a staggering total of 134,000 gallons (which is equivalent to 508,000 liters) towards preventing the damaging wildfires that occur in the country. In seven outings in the country for a total of nine days, the Super Tanker beat the current world record of 110,000 gallons by a very considerable margin.

This was of course a vital necessity and relief that such an effective vehicle was used in the Chile regions affected, some of which saw the very first fire activity that these areas of the country had ever seen before. Having been deployed to fly on 36 different objectives around the country and traveling a total distance of 11,500 miles, it was also revealed that the Super Tanker ensured the safety of five firefighters as well as the population of an entire village, whom without the aerial machine would have perished in the violent flames of the wildfire.

Jim Wheeler, the presidential body of Super Tank, has expressed his pleasure that the device has proved so useful at this turbulent and upsetting time for Chile, which since the beginning of the new year has been affected by relentless wildfires that have annihilated more than 1,100 habitations across the country and have reduced more than 9,000 acres to ashes. What is clear is that such inventions as the Global Super Tanker are essential to the safeguarding of the citizens of a nation affected every year by horrifying amounts of wildfire that are incredibly hard to control from the land: with aerial inventions like the Super Tanker, more land and lives are being saved from these destructive forces of fire. Hell hath no fury like a Chilean wildfire, but Global Super Tanker is to the rescue.

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