Emirates SkyCargo Serves An Aston Martin On A Plate


Emirates SkyCargo Serves An Aston Martin On A Plate

Glasgow, UK – 29 July 2013 – Question; when you have to quickly get a brand new Aston Martin Cygnet from the UK to Cyprus for someone’s birthday, how do you do it? The answer: an Emirates 777 from Glasgow Airport!

The iconic vehicle was shipped on an Emirates SkyCargo plate, the first car to have been transported in the hold of one of Emirates’ twice-daily 777s out of Glasgow.

The car – understood to be a gift – departed to Dubai and then Cyprus, where it arrived safely 48 hours later.

Phil Rawlings, Cargo Manager, UK, Emirates SkyCargo said:  “How else is an Aston Martin going to fly but Emirates?  The Cygnet certainly stood out from the other plates at our Glasgow SkyCargo warehouse, especially as it’s the first time a car has flown on our Glasgow flight”.

He added: “I am sure the car enjoyed the usual Emirates service!”

The shipper of the Aston Martin, Michael Howard-Johnston of CyprusCars.eu said:  “I am grateful to Emirates SkyCargo because without them, this shipment could not have been delivered on time. Emirates promised to deliver it in a matter of days and were the only ones who could do so. Flying it out of Glasgow Airport also saved us the time and inconvenience of further land transport. The Aston Martin Cygnet is a fantastic little car and Emirates have transported her efficiently and with great care”.

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