Air Partner Flies Tournament Sponsor To World Cup

Air Partner Flies Tournament Sponsor To World Cup

Leading air charter broker, Air Partner, has flown 48 executives from a major tournament sponsor to this year’s FIFA World Cup in Rio. Air Partner flew the group to Rio from London Luton on 17 June, before flying them back on 21 June.

In order to fit the sponsor’s requirements and create a truly unique experience, Air Partner organised an Airbus A319 which had been formatted in a bespoke configuration enabling it to seat just 48 passengers in a business class format.

The team at Air Partner worked hard to co-ordinate a completely unique experience from the moment the group arrived at the airport, where they received branded boarding passes. The experience continued onboard with branded menu cards and travel adaptors – turning the group’s journey into part of the marketing experience.

Clive Chalmers, Air Partner’s Director of UK Commercial Jets commented, “We have really enjoyed working with our client to create a completely tailored flying experience for these World Cup flights. Executive charters offer a bespoke solution for clients who are looking to create a big impact and our ServicePLUS product allows us to organise every detail of the flight, from before take-off to after touch down. The team’s hard work, attention to detail and extensive experience enabled us to understand the group’s needs and produce this truly specialised corporate charter, which not only delivered logistically, but also provided a totally unique experience.”

Air Partner Commercial Jets organises bespoke charters and aviation solutions for groups of every size on airliners seating 20 or more passengers. For over 50 years, Air Partner has been the trusted choice for multi-national corporations, industries, governments and aid organisations across the globe. The company is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and flies for a number of high profile clients, including six of the G8 Group of Governments and the UK Royal Family, demonstrating its strength and secure financial stature.

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