Air Partner Emergency Planning Division Sees Increase in Enquiries

Air Partner Emergency Planning Division Sees Increase in Enquiries

Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division has experienced a 200% increase in enquiries recently due to the adverse weather conditions that were experienced last month. Air Partner’s team has been working hard to offer support to the clients that have been affected by the conditions as the busy storm season continues.

Air Partner was placed on standby in order to move people off of the Caribbean islands a number of times during the worst storms, with a wide range of businesses looking to make sure that their staff were kept safe.

Air Partner is a global aviation services group that offers worldwide solutions to the industry as well as to commerce, governments and private individuals in need of assistance. The group has two different divisions: the Broking division, which consists of air chartered broking and remarketing and the Consulting & Training division that consists of aviation safety consultancies such as Baines Simmons, Clockwork Research and SafeSkys. On top of these two divisions, Air Partner also has the Emergency Planning Division.

Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division offers support to people around the world 24 hours a day in the form of air evacuation planning and the implementation of any services required for any situation that the client feels is an emergency. These situations include flying people out of a dangerous situation, transporting support teams to the site of a disaster and the last minute transportation of critical equipment.

More recently, there has been an increased amount of interest in the emergency air evacuation service due to a number of extreme weather events such as Hurricanes. The group has a great deal of experience working to deliver safe air evacuations for their clients. However, it is vitally important that their clients have a comprehensive evacuation plans before an incident arises so that it can then be implemented at short notice.

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