Air Charter Service Helped in the Transition of the World's Heaviest Woman

Air Charter Service Helped in the Transition of the World’s Heaviest Woman

The Air charter service ACS has helped in the transition of the world’s heaviest woman. Eman Ahmed has had to travel from her native Egypt to Mumbai in order to undergo life-saving treatment.

The Air Charter Service had to arrange an Airbus A300 to transport Ms. Ahmed to India as a result of a fundraising campaign. Eman Ahmed has suffered with a condition called Elephantiasis which has meant that she has not been able to walk since she was 11. When she was still a child, she suffered a cerebral stroke which debilitated her even further. Her fundraising site Help Save Eman also stated that she suffered another stroke two years ago which has led to her right arm and leg being paralysed. Eman Ahmed also cannot speak, and has type 2 diabetes as well as hypertension, severe obstructive and restrictive lung diseases, gout and is at a high risk of pulmonary embolism.

The Air Charter service was involved in the transportation for her surgery. Ahmed is estimated to weigh 500 kilograms. Due to her weight a cargo flight was necessary to get her to Mumbai. The air charter took a lot of organizing and the company were working on the details of the flight for nearly 2 months. The Air Carter Service was initially requested to handle the flight by a medical evacuation specialist.

Eman Ahmed had not left her home for more than two decades because of her size and medical conditions. In order to get Ahmed out of her hose to take her for the surgery, part of the external walls of her home had to be demolished, before she was winched out on to a truck in order to take her to Alexandria Airport. When she arrived at the airport, Ahmed was met by and EgyptAir Airbus 300-600. Eman Ahmed was accompanied for her flight by two doctors and her sister. Eman had the surgery she needed after losing a drastic 100kgs after her travel to Mumbai.

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