Air Charter Service Achieves Record Monthly Charter Numbers

Justin Bowman (2)

Air Charter Service Achieves Record Monthly Charter Numbers

Leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has said that June was the busiest month in the company’s history, completing more than 800 charter contracts.

Justin Bowman, the company’s CEO, commented: “It’s an astounding figure. To put it into perspective, we chartered more flights in June 2014 than we did in the whole of 2003. Some charter contracts consist of more than one leg and in June we flew almost 1,200 flight sectors in total: that means an ACS flight took off, on average, once every 40 minutes throughout the whole of June.

“The business was evenly spread as well, considering it was none of our three divisions’ record month, which is even more pleasing from our point of view. All 18 offices contributed, with almost every one up year on year for June.

“We did a lot of flying for the FIFA World Cup in the month and the flights were spread across private jets, commercial airliners and even some cargo aircraft. However, despite the extra business that the tournament produced, the underlying figures are still impressive and would still constitute our busiest month.”

In fact ACS’s charter numbers are currently 23% up on the same stage last year, which was the company’s record year, indicating that the market is recovering across all aspects of aircraft chartering.

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